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From time to time, life can feel as if you are paddling in six inch stilettos. You may need a break from this reality. Join Ann as she blogs (for your virtual pleasure) about her struggles and everyday small joys in a comical light. This blog covers Ann's travels, fashion, crafts and candid everyday mom life. Her life may not be an action packed movie, but her life can definitely distract you from moments when you feel like you are indeed paddling in six inch stilettos. 

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Welcome to my minuscule piece of the internet! I'm Ann, a Washington D.C. gal who sorta lives in her own world. As an undergrad, I studied Studio Art and Communications. Today, I am pursuing a career in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I know ... I went from a creative industry into an industry of the human mind. It's a big change but, I do love my job! And that's why a part of me needs Paddling in Stilettos. This blog helps me keep my imagination and creativity alive while I try my best to adult. Follow my virtual journey while I paddle through whimsical adventures (in style, of course).